Taking bookings from December 2019.


I know what it’s like.

You’re rushed off your feet, doing things for everyone else and barely finding a minute to yourself. You go to bed each night saying that you’ll find time for you tomorrow, but before your head hits the pillow, you’re already doubting whether that will actually happen. You ask yourself “if I’m this busy now, then how will I ever find time for things to change?”

You’re a wife, partner, mother, friend, colleague and everyone else gets the best of you. You feel the need to do everything and do it to 100% of your ability so you always end up exhausted, resentful and at the bottom of the heap, which only seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

You adore your family and would do anything for them, but that niggly voice that says “what about me?” just won’t give up.You want to wake up each day and feel fulfilled but instead of making changes, you’re living on autopilot and deep down you know it’s only going to get worse unless you make some serious changes. You’re exhausted, and not just physically.

I have 100% been there.

It’s simple really. You want to feel like yourself again.


The thing is that no one else is going to give you permission or the time.

Having what you dream of isn’t just going to land in your lap. It’s going to take effort, but without that, nothing will ever change.

How bad do you want it to get before you decide that you want to live life on your own terms?

What you need isn’t more hours in the day. It’s to listen to your instinct and trust yourself. To boldly say “I want something different” and then go after it, whatever that looks like for you.

It is completely within your power to create it. I know that it might not seem like it right now, but with support, guidance and permission to dream, it really is true.

Because the reality is that we all choose how we spend our time and when we get really intentional with that, wonderful things begin to unfold.

I’ve been right where you are, and I’d be honoured to share my gentle approach to crafting a life that suits you.

What you get when you begin The Joyful Journey

- Me holding space for you, a sacred hour where you are truly heard, listened to without judgement and help you go deeper as you set goals and make plans

- Greater clarity on what you want and how to get it

- An understanding of the limiting beliefs you hold onto and how to move past them

- New habits that will support you in the life you want to lead

- The confidence to live the life YOU want

- New and improved mindsets

- More balance. More freedom. More fun

Thank you Rosalyn for giving me an insight into my own personality. I now realise how I tick and what works best for me.


I came to coaching as I felt that it would benefit my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect within the work environment. I have already noticed the difference when I had a challenging first week at my new job. I was able to think rationally and use the techniques that Rosalyn has taught me to break down any issues that arose. I have loved working with Rosalyn. She has practical ideas for any issues that I have in everyday life and is always there for me when I am having a wobble, giving me steps to overcome my wobbles.


Through working with Rosalyn, I have changed so much of my life for the positive; I have more self confidence and self worth than I ever have had before and I’m way more productive with my time. Rosalyn is the most amazing support, friend and mentor throughout this process. She has the perfect balance of knowing when to support you, when to tell you to give yourself a break, and when to push you if you need that extra nudge.



But wait a minute.

Isn’t this just how everyone feels?

Maybe, but if you want something more or something different, then I’m here and ready to support you, in making sure you get there. Who wants to feel like everyone else anyway?

It’s selfish of me to spend this time/money.

It might be a challenge for you to accept but you really do deserve to spend time and money on yourself. Investing in yourself and your happiness isn’t selfish, but it can be life changing.

What will other people think? Isn’t it a bit indulgent to have a coach?

Perhaps but we’ll be working on getting over what they might think anyway. I bet you don’t care in 8 weeks time!

Am I a bad mum for wanting more?

No. Absolutely not. You don’t have to give everything you have to others. You are entitled to keep something for yourself and show up for your own dreams. And we’ll work through the reasons you feel guilty for this in our time together.

I don’t know what I want, so how can coaching help?

I specialise in supporting women identify their true priorities, cut through all the noise and guilt and create their own balance, even if they have no idea what that will look like when we begin. You’ll begin The Joyful Journey by completing the pre programme workbook that will help you find your starting point and the follow up tasks will help you develop what we cover in our sessions further.

The investment for The Joyful Journey is £600 and payment plans are available.

If you’re ready to;

  • Take time for yourself and create some big changes

  • To work out and live by your personal values

  • To identify limiting beliefs and stories that no longer serve you and move past them

  • To set goals, assess your progress, amend them and continue moving forward without giving up or beating yourself up

  • To listen to your intuition, learn to trust it and follow it

  • Practical time management strategies, productivity tips, habit and routine building ideas to suit you

  • Live a life that you love

Then The Joyful Journey is absolutely for you.

And what do you get from me?

Well, I am;

  • Your accountability buddy, guide, mentor, friend, cheerleader, supporter through all of this

  • Deeply committed to you and what you want for your life

  • Ready to help you step into this new life

  • Contactable in between sessions to help you stay on track and get the most from our time working together

  • So excited for you to do this!

You are worthy of a life that feels good to you and I can’t wait to help you get started.

Taking bookings from December 2019.