What my clients have to say.


"Rosalyn was a joy to work with. I was somewhat hesitant at first to ask for help with issues that had been bothering me for a long time, but through working with Rosalyn as a life coach, I realised that asking for help is sometimes the most liberating thing you can do. Rosalyn helped me feel at ease with her caring natural demeanour and offered me practical ways of achieving my goals one step at a time."

Josh, The Joyful Journey 


"I came to coaching as I felt that it would benefit my self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect within the work environment. I have already noticed the difference when I had a challenging first week at my new job. I was able to think rationally and use the techniques that Rosalyn has taught me to break down any issues that arose.

I have loved working with Rosalyn. She has practical ideas for any issues that I have in everyday life and is always there for me when I am having a wobble, giving me steps to overcome my wobbles."

Dom, The Joyful Journey


“I came to Rosalyn because I was set a new challenge and I really didn’t know how I was going to complete it. I have never been a runner and have had huge mental blocks each time I had tried in the past to give it a go. I’d always found an excuse. But this time I had a commitment to a charity so I needed to find a way to overcome this lifelong barrier. 

The work we did helped me understand my previous thoughts and design goals and a training plan in a way which worked for my personality type and what makes me accountable. 

I now am running 10miles and am only 4 weeks away for my first ever running race - my first half marathon! Something I never ever thought I could do because “I just can’t run” - but turns out “yes I can!”

Katherine, The 90 Minute Blitz


“I will be forever grateful for Rosalyn. These last 8 weeks talking with her have helped me sort out years of thoughts and feelings and I would love another session! I feel so much more confident taking on the world actually truly being myself and loving it.” 

Haley, The Joyful Journey