The Life Changing Magic of Gentle Productivity

The Life Changing Magic of Gentle Productivity ebook cover.png

After many months of working on it, I’m super excited and proud to say that The Life Changing Magic of Gentle Productivity is now available to buy!

What is it about?

The Life Changing Magic of Gentle Productivity is my first e- book and it’s packed with tips on how you can be more productive, feel in control of your life and how you spend your time and just get shit done.

I’ve written this to include things that come up with clients time and time again, so that everyone can benefit from these tips.

What does the ebook cover?

The 8 main sections of the book cover a variety of topics, all designed to get you thinking about how you can make small, daily changes that give BIG results and the book contains;

  • An introduction to me and the work I do

  • Prioritising

  • Getting you moving

  • Making your to do list work harder

  • Gratitude

  • Forming habits

  • Your non negotiables

  • Dealing with bad days

  • The 3 minute challenge

Get your journal out

You also get “Know Your Better” activities and “Take A Moment” journal prompts throughout that give you the opportunity to reflect on where you could be using these tips to make the most of them. I don’t want you to read it and then forget all about it- I want these to become useful strategies in your every day life!

Whether you’re swamped my work, home life or family commitments, you’re sure to find hints and tips that will help you get some clarity.

Head over to Amazon now to download your copy and let me know what you think!