Self care 101

  • “I’m just so busy.”

  • “I don’t have time to look after myself.”

  • “Self care is a waste of time.”

I’ve heard it all but it’s my personal opinion that all this is total rubbish. I believe you make time for your priorities (try saying “that isn’t a priority to me” instead of “I’m too busy and see how that feels) and that you should be at or near the top of your list every single day.

There is only one you and you don’t stand a great chance of showing up in the all the roles in your life if you’re not looking after yourself first and foremost.

So where do I start? With me, of course. I’m a introvert, who works from home, loves to eat out and spend time outside. I build in daily quiet time to read, journal, drink my coffee and just be. I go out for a walk pretty much every day because my mind just doesn’t function without it, and the fresh air makes any problem at least 50% easier to deal with. I meditate every day without fail but at this point in my life that’s the only thing I “must” do every day, because freedom and choice in my routine is the best gift I can give to myself.

You may share some of these characteristics with me or you may be the total opposite of me in every way. But what do you need? Quiet or connection? Rest or exercise? Coffee or a green smoothie? A night of Netflix or a night out dancing? Make no mistake, I don’t believe in any rights and wrongs here, only that you do the thinking and work out what little boosts of happiness you can give yourself throughout the day by figuring out exactly what works for you and giving yourself just that.

A journal prompt to get you started-

What your great days have in common? And what’s missing on the days when things don’t feel so good?

What do you want more and less of?

Rosalyn Oxer