3 Ways To Get Back In Alignment (And Avoid Burnout)

3 ways to get back in alignment and avoid burnout

Over the last few weeks, its been clear that I’ve not been quite in alignment. I’ve been feeling out of sorts and forgetting some of the basic things I do to make me feel like me.

This is partly down to being busy with visitors at our house and also related to problems with our house that have required more elbow grease and fewer meditation sessions. The only problem is, that it’s all catching up with me.

Sometimes I don’t notice that out of alignment feeling creeping up on me until it manifests in more serious ways and that’s certainly been true recently.

I have had to go to the hospital 3 times lately to be checked over and make sure everything is OK with the baby and it’s become apparent that my blood pressure is creeping higher and higher. Not good, I’m sure we can all agree.

The difficult question is “how do I catch it before it gets to this point?” and frankly, I have some advice for myself.

Work your non negotiables

This is a concept I am forever talking to clients about. What are the things you absolutely have to do for YOU? Maybe you can’t function like yourself with a strong coffee, or perhaps it’s a yoga session. Maybe you’d never give up your Friday night drinks with friends, or perhaps it’s a 20 minute bath before bed.

Whatever works for you is right for you, basically.

For me, it’s a quite coffee in the morning as a I journal, getting fresh air every single day and fitting in at least a few minutes of reading.

Well guess what? All of those have slipped lately, in particular journaling, which I know makes the biggest difference to how I process what’s going on in my life.

Ladies, I know what I need to get back to, starting today.

Live your values

A bit broader than non negotiables, but in a similar vein, we can feel totally off kilter when we’re not living in accordance with our values.

I did an exercise with my coach Gemma earlier this year and it’s shaped my business and much of life since.

My values are acceptance, empathy, gratitude, self awareness and well being and whilst I can wholeheartedly claim to be living by self awareness lately and making some important changes to my life in that area, the other 4 are all really lacking.

With that self awareness in mind (a bit more will never go amiss), I need to set some goals and make my values my priority. No one else can or will do this for me, so it’s up to me to put strategies in place and give myself more of what I need.

Rest, rest, rest

As a pregnant woman with CFS, I need rest. Whilst I know this and give myself a fair bit, I have to recognise that I need more, otherwise I wouldn’t feel the way I do right now. Stress, visitors, being uncomfortable at night- they all add up and I need to go a little bit more slowly at times.

Do I like this fact? No, I absolutely do not.

Do I dispute this fact? No, I absolutely cannot.

It’s deeply important for me to accept my limitations at times and work with my body, rather than push on and do more damage. I gave someone this advice just yesterday and now I need to take it myself.

So that’s my little pep talk to myself, today.

If I’m out of sorts it’s because I’m not doing the things I need and it’s up to me to take control again.

What can you do today that would give you a bit more of what you need?