A Word For This Season SAVOUR

Word of the Season SAVOUR

So not long ago, I wrote a post explaining why ACTION was my word that I was starting 2019 with. It has served me well over the last couple of months, but I was barely into February when I started to get the feeling that I knew what was next.

You see, I knew that ACTION would suit me in my third trimester of pregnancy, as I prepared for our baby and did all I could to have posts like these scheduled so that I could rest once the baby arrived. ACTION pushed to me to get things done, make money and get organised, but it wasn’t going to suit me when our baby arrived.

Sometimes you just know

Well, as it turned out, I wanted to slow things down a little before that. I woke up one morning in early February, with the word SAVOUR in mind, already feeling that I would want to slow down and SAVOUR the last few weeks of my pregnancy once we hit March. Previously I had no set idea of how I would slow things down. Not having a set maternity leave is a wonderful freedom but it doesn’t make for solid plans.

The word felt good to me straight away. I thought about it a bit, and also scribbled down the words ADJUST and INTENTIONAL as they floated around my head too, but ADJUST quickly seemed too narrow in scope. Sure, we’d be adjusting to life as parents, but SAVOUR and INTENTIONAL seemed to have more application.

Journaling it out

Of course I reached for my journal. I asked myself “Where do I think SAVOUR will show up? How could it serve me?”

I started off writing about the end of my pregnancy, how I’d like to savour the feeling of being pregnant as I’m not planning to do it again. To remember all the kicks and wriggles, the feeling of anticipation and enjoyment we get from planning and preparing. Then the newborn stage. A time when everything will seem blurry and out of focus due to exhaustion- I want to enjoy what we can of that too. If we only do this once, I want to drink in those hazy days of skin to skin and naps.

As I wrote though, I realised that it went beyond “I want to SAVOUR time with my baby.” I want want to SAVOUR time with my husband who gets a generous amount of paternity leave here. To enjoy the freezer full of meals we’ve made to make life easier for us in this stage of our lives, to be present and spend less time on my phone so I’m actually there, in the moment.

Where does intentionality come into it?

I felt sure that SAVOUR would be a good grounding point for new parenthood, our relationship and my health (whatever comes my way), but INTENTIONAL was still buzzing around like a fly that couldn’t find the window again.

When I gave it some attention, I realised it would be a good supporting word to SAVOUR. When we act intentionally, we spend a little longer on our choices, whether they move us forward towards our goals, or simply provide us with more pleasure in less lofty matters.

The food we eat, the places we go, the visitors we have and the choices we make in early parenthood will all benefit from being intentional. It’s easy to make the quick decision when you’re tired and we have a whole lot of that coming our way, but I like the idea of having two words that ground us in being present and making the most of what we have at any given time.

Being rather than doing

It occurred to me as I finished journaling that both words were passive and gentle. The opposite of ACTION which I began the year with. They don’t set a high standard for what we’re going to do, but rather they allow us to be present with what is, and work with it. To be, rather than to do all the time. It’s something I’ve practised since I began meditating in 2016 and continue to work on.

The transition

I naturally found that as I turned the calendar into March, I did less and less work. Showed up online a bit less. Slept more, read more and went into myself. Just as the books had predicted that I would. It' has felt like a very natural transition and I’m glad that I have these words to guide me.

I’m already more INTENTIONAL with my time and my energy and I SAVOUR this in between time.

Bring on the new phase.