3 Ways To Be More Productive


We all want to get more done, or maybe get through our to do lists more quickly, but how can we forget the distractions and focus on what’s important? Here’s 3 things that always work for me.

  • Write a short to do list

Controversial, yes, but fool proof. Only write down the things that are essential today, and give your full attention to them. Make a separate list of other little tasks that you could do later but stick to the high priority items at first, especially early in the day when you’re energy and motivation are high and see just how much you get done.

It can also be really helpful to ask yourself if the things you’ve got on your list really need to be there at all. Sometimes the “busy work” of life becomes the norm and we forget to ask ourselves if what we’re spending our time doing is really moving us forwards towards where we want to be.

  • Set a timer

Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? Set a timer for 25 minutes of uninterrupted focus, give yourself the next 5 minutes to stretch, make a drink and pop to the loo, and repeat. If you put your phone away and set your mind to just one task for intense bursts, it’s incredible how much you can get done.

  • Say no

Is helping others your downfall? Or do you find it impossible to say “no” when asked? When you give others needs priority over yours, you essentially saying you matter less than they do. Your work suffers, your life

suffers and that’s just no good. Telling your family, colleagues or friends the occasional “no” when you’re low on time or even just “I might have time after I’ve done x, y and z, I’ll let you know” means you’re back in control of how you spend your time and no one can object to that.

A journal prompt to get you started-

What are you letting take up too much space in your life? How would it feel to be in control of you time?

Rosalyn Oxer