5 Reasons Autumn Is My Favourite Season

There's not a season I don't enjoy but by the time that September rolls around, I'm always ready for all that Autumn brings. I've always been a huge fan of Autumn, even as a child. My birthday is in late November and I think that excitement of presents approaching contributed to my enthusiasm! 

These days I'm (only) slightly less enthralled by my birthdays but my love of Autumn is as strong as ever and I'll tell you why.

my 5 favourite things about autumn.png

Cooler Weather

Now I live in Valencia and so by early September, we've had 4 months of scorching weather and honestly, I'm exhausted by it. It'll be a long time before it's "chilly" here but cooler mornings, when I can sit out in the garden with my morning coffee and not feel hot and sticky are priceless.  

Baking and Cooking

Once the temperatures here cool and enter the 20s, my interest in spending time in the kitchen doubles. My favourite foods are comfort foods. Give my lasagnes, stews, pies, crumbles and cakes and I'm in my element. We've just bought a slow cooker this week to be able to make it easier for me to cook this autumn and winter. When I have the energy, I'll be able to throw the ingredients and come back to a delicious meal hours later. 


Lush baths in particular. What's better than a warm bath and a good book on a chilly day? I know Lush is pricey (and even more so here in Valencia) but I love treating myself to a Bubble Bar, breaking a bit off and crumbling it into the water. I already have a stash of them ready to use just as soon as it's cool enough and I can't wait!

Putting the duvet on the bed

There's nothing better than the feeling of the first night after we put the duvet back on our bed. After a summer of sleeping under a sheet with fans and air conditioning to keep us cool, it's such a novelty to be cosied up. My husband is a much warmer person than I am so it takes a bit of negotiation, but hopefully it won't be long until I can get all snuggled up. 

Scented candles

Extra points if they smell like cinnamon or gingerbread, and I'm surrounded by them. I'm such a candle fan and I'm lucky that whenever my husband travels to the Middle East for work, he picks me up a selection from Bath and Body Works. Don't they just do the most stunning fragrances? I'll be swapping over from my summer ones to autumn ones any day now and I know that my Spiced Cinnamon Vanilla ones (B&BW of course) will be the first one I light. 

You might have noticed that I've missed a few things. After all, what is Autumn without warm clothes and the leaves changing colour? Well things don't work quite like that here. Where we live we're surrounded by a lot of evergreen trees, and even the desiduous trees don't drop their leaves at this time of year. Added to the fact that I won't be needing jeans, socks, jumpers or boots for quite a few weeks now and you can see why Autumn in Valencia took a bit of getting used to. 

I tend to get my fix by pinning alllll the cosy Autumn related goodness to my Pinterest boards and dreaming of the day that I'll need to get my winter closes out of storage. Hey, it works for me!

What are you favourite things about Autumn? 

Rosalyn Oxer