5 Tips for Setting Goals You Care About in 2019

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I’ve posted before about setting goals , but am I finished with the topic? Am I heck?!

It’s 2019 which means one big thing. The “New Year, New Year” message is everywhere, and I for one am not fooled.

Sure, you can set goals, work towards them and do amazing things in 2019. That’s what I hope for everyone reading this, and you can even work with me to get there, if you’d like.

So what’s my problem then? Well I have 2.

  1. That you need to wait until New Year to make these changes and;

  2. That you need a huge overhaul.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Not my style.

There is no magic day on which you need to get started and the pressure at this time of year often means we commit to things in a burst of excitement and then realise we have no real of intention of seeing it through. We then feel like we’ve failed and give up entirely. Eurgh. It’s exhausting, and so unnecessary!

Instead what I'm encouraging is a more laid back approach. Now, this doesn’t mean you won’t do incredible things. Oh no, no, no. Incredible things don’t have to come because you hustle, push and exhaust yourself by the time February rolls around.

Instead you can work towards meaningful goals that feel right for you, and here are a few of my tips.

(Don’t forget to read my previous goal setting post where I get right into SMART goals, finding your why, setting mini goals and visualising what you want to achieve. It’s gold dust and you can find it right here!)

Oh and if this speaks to you, then I’m offering one off sessions in January 2019. Read on to the bottom of the post to see how you can get on board.

1. What do you want more of in 2019?

New Year’s Resolutions don’t just have to be about cutting things out or giving things up. What do you want more of in your life? What would bring you joy, light you up and just put a smile on your face?

More books? More home cooked meals? More time with friends? More travel? More fresh air? More sex? More laughter?

Pick something that feels exciting and fun to you, and the likelihood is that it’ll be easier to plan for, fit in and achieve.

2. Where did you get up to in 2018 and what’s next?

OK, this sounds obvious but I think we forget it. 1st January might mean a New Year, but it’s not a magical time. It’s just a number. Life carries on and what you were working on a few days ago still counts.

Most of my goals for this year are based on what I’ve started in 2018 because I didn’t get as far with them as I’d have perhaps liked. So what do these next steps look like?

  • Take my first draft of my book and improve it, working with a writing mentor

  • Finish my ebook

  • Start the podcast that I have planned out

  • Fully launch the e-course that I trialled in 2018.

See? There’s no need for me to set a lot of totally new work goals, because I have plenty to be working on! Changing direction for the sake of it would be super stressful and do I want that? Hell no! Consider where you got to in 2018 and what the next steps are for these things.

3. Are you drawn to short, medium or long term plans?

What’s on the horizon for you? Do you feel like setting big goals for the year or would it feel better to you to set something for the next few weeks or months instead?

That’s OK, you know. There’s no need to make huge changes if that doesn’t feel like it’s right for you, right now.

Perhaps you struggle in the winter months and would rather wait until the Spring to set bigger goals, or maybe your goal is to be gentler on yourself and more flexible. Great! Put down the to-do list, relax and enjoy January without big goals.

You do you.

4. Don’t rush in

There’s a reason that this post went up on 4th January, and that I haven’t been shouting about goal setting for the last few weeks. As I say, I don’t believe that a New Year is a magic time for change, and it’s OK to take your time.

Reflect, mull, change your mind. You don’t need to have had your resolutions in place by midnight on New Year’s Even for them to “count”. I’d rather see clients work on meaningful goals that they’re motivated by, even if that means spending the early part of the year spending time on getting clear what that means, and then digging in to do the work later in the year.

So go easy on yourself if you’re still figuring that out.

5. How can you be flexible?

Flexibility is something my clients often struggle with. They have high standards for themselves, and I understand that. Wanting to do great work is important. Caring about our impact in the world is too.

The problem with being rigid is that it doesn’t leave room for you to be human. We change our minds, we go down a different path in life, and that’s all absolutely OK. Maybe your ideas will evolve and change, or maybe you’ll throw your goals out and start again with something totally different. Given that I’ve worked as a lawyer, a teacher and a life coach, you know I’m on board with starting over!

I think a big part of achieving is being true to yourself, which means listening to that gut instinct. Are you goals what you really want, right now? Do you need new ones, or to tweak what you currently have? It’s not failing to change your mind, or follow your intuition now. In fact, I believe it’s one of the bravest and strongest things that any of us can do.

Want to work together on your 2019 goals, plans and dreams?

Whether you know exactly you want to achieve and feel as though some accountability would help you get there, OR if you think you’d benefit from some help in working out where you’re heading in life right now, then the one off “mini sessions” I’m offering until 31st January 2019 could work really well for you.

These are insanely cheap, so the perfect way to find out more about coaching, at just £25 for a 1 hour online session of £40 for two 1 hour sessions. They’re online so we can talk from anywhere, and you’ll go away with notes about our conversation and follow up tasks based on what we’ve discussed. It’s the perfect way to get things moving and focus in on exactly what you want to work on in this early part of 2019.

There’s no pressure to start out with HUGE goals or hustle every day. This is entirely about what’s right for YOU.

If this is getting you excited, then get in touch and let’s chat about how we can work together to make 2019 a success, on your terms.