Podcasts For Self Care

Recommended podcasts for self care

Are you one of the growing numbers of people who listen to podcasts each week? I’m a big podcast fan, but I only started listening to them in 2017 when I was bed bound with glandular fever. I started with Serial and moved on from there, finding something to suit my every taste.

I love them because they allow me to relax, be entertained, or learn something new, all while I’m getting on with something like making the dinner.

Today I’m focusing on the podcasts that I consider to be some form of self care, leading on from last week’s Winter Self Care post. What that means varies greatly for people, but for me it is because either the subject matter feels as though it’s helping me take care of myself in some way, because it provides a sense of community in some way, or because it’s pure escapism.

I really like the way that listening to a podcast helps me relax and demands very little of me, and I really rate them for free and easy self care which you can do anywhere.

Here’s a few favourites.

The High Low

Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes are the two intelligent and well read friends who I wish could pop round each week and fill me in on all things news and popular culture. I often find I miss things living in Spain, without British papers or TV channels and this show provides me with lots of ideas for what’s worth catching up on. They’re funny, clever and I always feel better informed for listening. As an added bonus, the fact that there are two hosts feels like extra company for me, so I tend to save these up and listen to them when my husband is travelling for work.

A favourite episode- Serena Williams & Kirstie Allsop: Why Women Aren’t Allowed to Get Angry

Happier in Hollywood

I count this glimpse into what it’s like to write and produce television in Hollywood as self care because I find it so escapist and hosts Sarah and Liz often talk about self care in the segment they call Take a Hike, about mental, physical and spiritual health. It’s just fascinating to hear from Liz (also on Happier with Gretchen Rubin) and Sarah as they recount their experiences of 20 years writing together, having shows made, cancelled and dealing with all the nonsense of Hollywood. As well as being funny and honest, they also have some fascinating discussions based on listener comments that have prompted some self examination and journaling for me.

A favourite episode- Episode 68- My Work is Not My Worth

Happy Place

This is Fearne Cotton’s podcast, and unsurprisingly, she’s a great interviewer. Having read her book Happy, it’s great to see her continuing the conversation around happiness, difficult times in people’s lives and what works for them. She’s very non judgemental which suits the topics well and just sounds fun to have a chat with.

A favourite episode- Matt Haig

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah (you may have heard of her) has a staggering array of guests on her SuperSoul Conversations, which have either been taken from her SuperSoul Sunday programmes, or newly taped. As she has access to anyone who is anyone, you in turn get access to some of the most incredible spiritual thinkers, leaders, celebrities and personalities out there. Every single one stops me in my tracks in some way, either with a philosophy or a statement that goes right to my core.

A favourite episode- Michelle Obama (parts 1 and 2)

I hope that you’ve discovered a new podcast or two in this list and, if you have, check out the episodes I’ve recommended. They’re all great starting points to get to know the shows and hosts a little better.

Have you ever listened to a podcast as a form of self care before? Do you think you’ll start now? And what do you recommend that I add to my subscription list? Let me know!

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