What Is Coaching?


Coaching is a powerful tool where you work towards your goals and have the time and space to work through the things that are holding you back from having the life you want. Unlike chatting with family and friends, talking to me means you can be completely open and honest, knowing that you’ll be listened to, honoured and not judged in any way. How powerful is that?

Each session is different but they usually involve setting a goal, spending some time discussing what life is like for you right now and then working out how you can move things forwards. We get into the details of what you really want out of life and what works well (and not so well!) for you. Each session is a chance to put yourself first for an hour and work on creating something you believe in.

From the very first session you’ll feel as though you’re more in control and there’s no better feeling.

You may be a big fan of self development books, podcasts and online freebies but there is only so much that you can get from those. Imagine though, if you had someone in your life who combined all the best bits of a friend, a cheerleader, an accountability buddy and someone who would challenge you every step of the way. How much more would you get done with that kind of support? Are you ready to find out?

Who benefits from coaching?

How do I know I’m a good fit to work with you?

I could just say “everyone can benefit from coaching” but that’s a bit vague and doesn’t help you much, does it?

Well I think coaching is for you if;

  • You want big change in your life but have no idea how to go about getting there

  • You know what you’d like to have but that voice that tells you “you can’t do that” is just too strong

  • You get all the self development books and you listen to the podcasts but then wonder how to put it all into practice

  • You benefit from someone to keep you accountable and moving forwards

  • You talk to other people about what you want from life but feel like that put you off your ideas rather than encouraging you.

I do honestly believe everyone could benefit from coaching at some point in their lives but coming to it at the right time is key.

Are you ready to;

  • Commit an hour every week (or perhaps every fortnight) to digging into what it is you want?

  • Keep going when it gets a bit murky and confusing?

  • Talk to me about it?

  • Do the follow up tasks that will blow through the limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying around?

Then it’s your time and I’d love to work with you!

But what about…?

Ah yes. I get it. You’ve got some worries and I think I can guess a few of them. Let’s see if this helps.

I want to change but I don’t think I have the time right now.

That’s fine. Only you know what time you’ve got to dedicate to this, but are you sure? If you’re anything like me, then I think there’s a good chance you could find an hour in your week and a second one to do the follow up tasks. (Hint, start by looking at how much you use your phone and watch TV in the evenings. They’re not usually the things that’ll change your life.) What are you willing to give up to have the life you’re dreaming of?

Isn’t coaching a lot of money?

Sure, I get it. It is a chunk of money but really, it’s an investment. You can spend all the money you like on clothes, holidays, cars and nights out, but chances are they’ve not given you the lasting change you’re after. Coaching can and coaching will, if you do the work. Oh, and I offer payment plans too (for just this reason), so message me and let’s see if we can work something out. Don’t let the price be the only thing that holds you back.

How do I know it’ll work?

Well firstly I’d encourage you to check out my testimonials page and hear from my very happy clients. The main thing is though, it’ll work if you do the work. When clients throw themselves into the process and commit, the results are insane.

You’re capable of so much more than you’ve ever even considered and transformational coaching is the perfect way to

peel back the layers and see what’s possible for you.


If you’re on the fence, click here and arrange a FREE 20 minute call with me. You can tell me what’s holding you back and I can see if we’d be a good fit to work together.